The reception of the work will be enabled online until November 30, 2016 and you can be made via the website Registration Presentations.

Registration fee can be made through the website: http://evento.pedagogiacuba.com/

Closing for Online Payments - 23 January 2017

Registration fees may also be paid in Cuba at the time of registration, in convertible Cuban pesos, the official circulating currency in Cuba. Credit card payments are allowed provided that these are not credit cards associated with US banks and according to the current rate of exchange at the time of payment.

Payment for courses are to be made in cash, using convertible Cuban pesos (CUC) at the time of registration. The registration fee includes a certificate of attendance and printed course material.

Courses may be selected and pre-registration may be requested from the Scientific Committee at the following E-mail address: pedagogiacuba@rimed.cu.